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Sarah's Memorable Faces 

A Professional Makeup Artist

Sarah Pena, owner of Sarah’s Memorable Faces, has spent the past 17 years working with high end cosmetic lines such as Prescriptives and Christian Dior. She was trained early by artists that many in her industry can only hope to work with in their lifetime.
Sarah began her business specializing in bridal and wedding makeup. She soon started teaching her clients how to do their own makeup and how to care for their investment in products.
Sarah has worked with numerous individuals in the fashion and entertainment arena, including Rebekka Minkoff, Taryn Rose, Christy Turlington, Arianna Huffington, Judy Carter, Graciela
Chichilnisky, Dr. Werner Vogels. She respects celebrity requests for confidentiality.
With experience in corporate work, she’s been trusted by companies including Blogher, Amazon, Mayfield Robotics, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn.
She believes that using good skincare and knowing how to apply makeup is the key to making a woman feel beautiful on the outside and she is on the inside.

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Sarah's Memorable Faces
Sarah’s Memorable Faces